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Heavy Duty Tire Sealant
Because Your Tires Need More Than Just Air

MONSTER SEAL heavy duty formula tire sealant is scientifically designed and proven to provide the ultimate protection against flat tires and under inflation.  When purchasing, remember to ask for the heavy duty formula.  Our heavy duty formula is thicker, contains more sealing solids and can withstand higher tire air pressures.
MONSTER SEAL heavy duty tire sealant is perfect for use in On & Off-Road tires running at High & Low Speeds.  One single formula that works in both Tube and Tubeless tires, is all you need.  Monster Seal works for the life of the tires...Guaranteed.  Monster Seal can be used to prevent flats and downtime, and as a permanent flat tire repair.
MONSTER SEAL’s heavy duty tire sealant formula has been tested, proven and trusted for over 35 years, and used in millions of tires around the world.
MONSTER SEAL heavy duty is perfect for use in all types of tires... Garbage trucks, Roll-Off trucks, Transfer trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Skid Steer loaders, Fork-lifts, Farm Equipment, Back-hoe tractors, Semi-trucks, Delivery trucks and more.
MONSTER SEAL tire sealant quickly repairs and prevents flat tires caused by tread area punctures up to 1/4” (6mm) in diameter in tubeless tires, and up to 1/8” (3mm) in tube-type tires.   It seals larger punctures in higher ply heavy duty commercial tires. 
MONSTER SEAL evenly coats the inside of the tire to help maintain tire air pressure by by preventing natural rubber porosity leaks, along with preventing air loss due to minor bead and rim leaks.  By maintaining tire air pressure, Monster Seal helps increase valuable tire life and fuel economy, two of the most costly expenses of operating a commercial fleet. 
MONSTER SEAL tire sealant is Fast, Safe and Easy to use.  It’s installed into the tire through the tire valve stem, from either a small squeeze bottle, or from a hand pump from a 1-gallon jug, or from a hand pump that fits into a 5-gallon pail.  We also have a high pressure pneumatic injection pump system which installs from 5-gal pails, 55-gal drums and 275-gal totes, without the need to deflate the tire to 50psi.  This pump also saves more time by shortening the time needed to re-inflate the tire. 
MONSTER SEAL is water soluble and can be safely and easily rinsed from the tire, allowing for the use of a patch type repair if the hole is too large to seal.  Monster Seal can also be installed into tires with leaking tire plugs, as it may help seal around the leaking plugs. 
MONSTER SEAL is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-hazardous, not packaged under pressure.  It ships as non-hazardous product all over the world via air and ocean.  It is not a restricted product.  Our MSDS sheet contains additional information. 
MONSTER SEAL will not harm wheels or tires.  It remains pH neutral in the container and in the tire. The sealant contains a combination of the most advanced anti-corrosion and rust inhibitors available. The Monster Seal formula has undergone extensive review and testing by Smithers Scientific Labs, located in Akron, Ohio. Smithers Scientific is the same Lab which provides testing of tires and wheels for the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), and major tire and wheel manufacturers. 

MONSTER SEAL works for the life of the tire. It’s effective from -45F to the most extreme tire operating temperatures.  It will thicken up a little in very cold climates and it will thin out a little in very hot climates.  It is thixotropic, which means it will always return to the original viscosity, or thickness when the tire warms up or cools down.  In either condition, Monster Seal retains the sealing capabilities and will continue to help maintain tire air pressure for the life of your tires.
MONSTER SEAL comes pre-mixed and ready to install (no mixing or shaking needed).  It remains liquid, homogenous and effective for life of the tire... yes, for the life of the tire.  Monster Seal will not dry or ball up inside the tire, like other sealants.  And, because Monster Seal remains pre-mixed, you will always get the perfect percentage of sealing solids in every ounce of sealant. 

MONSTER SEAL will not rust wheels.  For example, one of our customers (Town of Los Gatos, CA) dismounted four large Caterpillar tractor loader tires which were treated with our Monster Seal for over nine years.  After the tires were removed, the inspection by Goodyear Tire technician and photos confirmed the wheels were in brand new type condition, and there were no signs of rust or corrosion.  The Goodyear Tire techs also confirmed the Monster Seal did not have any harmful affects on the tires.  Scroll up to see the photo of the wheel right after the tire was dismounted. 

THE NEXT STEP... Contact us to locate a dealer near you.  If there is not a distributor or dealer near you, we can arrange to provide you with customer service. We may also be able to put you in contact with a sales rep, or a wholesale distributor near you. 1-408-479-9636 or 1-888-556-8881 or send an email to:  SALES@MONSTERSEAL.COM

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description of how Monster Seal works.

<title>Prevent & Repair Flat Tires With Monster Seal Tire Sealant. Protect All Your Tires With Tire Sealant</title>

<title>Prevent & Repair Flat Tyres With Monster Seal Tyre Sealant. Protect All Your Tyres With Tyre Sealant</title>

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          Features and Benefits:
- Monster Seal prevents flat tires due to tread area punctures
- Monster Seal quickly repairs flats due to tread area punctures
- Monster Seal works for the legal life of both on & off road tires
- Monster Seal works in both tubeless and tube-type tires
- Monster Seal prevents costly downtime and expenses
- Monster Seal seals up to 1/4” in diameter punctures in tubeless tires
- Monster Seal seals up to 1” in diameter in heavier ply industrial tires
- Monster Seal seals up to 1/4” in diameter punctures in tube-type tires
- Monster Seal seals small bead and small rim leaks
- Monster Seal coats the inside of tire to help maintain air pressure
- Monster Seal helps improve tire life & fuel economy
- Monster Seal is water soluble & biodegradable
- Monster Seal is non-hazardous & non-flammable
- Monster Seal remains liquid for the life of the tire
- Monster remains homogenous (premixed) in the bottle and in the tire
- Monster Seal stays pH neutral in the bottle and in the tire
- Monster Seal will not corrode wheels or harm tires
- Monster Seal can be used in all types of rims and wheels
- Monster Seal does not cause tire imbalance when properly used
- Monster Seal Heavy Duty formula will not harm tire sensors
- Monster Seal Heavy Duty may not install through all TPMS valve stems
- Monster Seal comes premixed and ready to use - no mixing
- Monster Seal is fast, safe and easy to use
- Monster Seal ships worldwide as a non-hazardous product
- Monster Seal... It Just Works



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